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Driven Investors is a holistic online learning platform and community dedicated to helping students of all skill levels achieve their trading, investing & financial goals!


Learn How To:

  • Invest in Stocks and Crypto for Long Term Wealth
  • Utilize Crypto for Passive Income
  • Master Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Leverage and Build Credit
  • Budget and Manage Your Finances
  • Create Financial Independence
  • Cultivate a Wealth Mindset
  • Strategize on Taxes to Save Money
  • Become a Highly Profitable and Consistent Options Trader
  • Optimize all Aspects of Life to Achieve High performance
How We Do It

Our Process

Interactive Community

Our community presents to you a special opportunity to not only directly learn from our expert coaches, but to also network and learn from other RD students! We centered our community around the ability to get your questions answered in real time through our Discord channels or on our weekly office hours! We focus on providing the support, resources and encouragement everyone needs on their journey to financial independence!

Supplemental Courses

We took the guess work out by developing a course library designed to teach you everything you need to reach your financial goals. Our courses cover a variety of topics such as: Investing & Trading, budgeting, credit, wealth mindset, taxes, crypto, and more! In addition, we provide you an abundance of different resources to aid you in your learning and growth. 

Office Hours

Once or twice a week, we spend over an hour answering any questions you may have about the markets, course material or anything else we can help you with. This is a time to connect with our coaches and meet other RD students!

Expert Coaches

Learn from experienced coaches who are here to guide you through every step of the process! Hop on our weekly office hour calls, ask questions in the Discord or request a 1v1 call to go over important course concepts, charts, finance or more!

Guest Speakers

We bring in industry experts in finance, trading, investing & lifestyle optimization to help you level up in all areas of life. If you aren't able to attend live, no problem, you can watch the recordings at any time!

Driven Investors Course Library Overview

Wondering what's in our course library? Below you can view an outline of our main courses and the variety of topics we cover. These courses are ever expanding with new featured content based on the interests of our community.


Community Culture

All ReelDriven masterminds are composed of people from across the country who have one powerful thing in common – they are on a mission to become the best version of THEMSELVES.

These communities are built to fuel your growth, expand your consciousness and help you hit your personal and professional goals while supplying the mentorship, resources and encouragement everyone needs on their journey.

Everyone in the RD community has made the commitment to do the work, push their comfort zones and evolve into the person they were destined to be…

Are you ready to start your journey with us?

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Meet Your Instructor

I'm an options trader, investor and financial freedom specialist. My focus is on teaching purpose driven individuals how to create lasting freedom through cultivating their financial literacy, mastering the markets and developing a wealth mindset.


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Randy Oslager

"I can’t recommend getting involved with this community enough! I’ve learned how to properly conduct technical and fundamental analysis in order to help me predict future price action in the short and long term!"

Rowan Kelly

"I started my investing journey in the beginning of 2021 and since joining my portfolio and experience has grown exponentially".



Brandon Mackenzie

"Joining this community was a life changing decision! My mindset and outlook on money and achieving financial freedom has completely shifted since joining this group!"

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